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I love Summer Wars so much!

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"Each and every backdrop in Child of Light was hand-drawn.”

Artist: Beyoncé
Song: XO
Plays: 287,889

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Artist: Kajiura Yuki
Album: .Hack//Sign Original Soundtrack 2
Song: Open Your Heart ~ Reprise
Plays: 927


Because everybody likes Dot Hack music….. 

DONT DENY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of those songs I can’t believe actually exists, it’s that pretty. I consider it a crime you only hear a small part of it within the show because this needs to be listened to in full and appreciated.

Artist: Eisley
Album: The Valley
Song: Kind
Plays: 2,457


Eisley / Kind

So be very kind
Don’t let the world, fall on your shoulders
If so, oh hopefully
I would find, I would find you again

Oh this is just what we need
And this is finally for real
I guess we never wanted anything else
I guess we never wanted anything
And you were right to love me

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Artist: Sucré

Song: Young and Free
Plays: 4,330


Sucré | Young and Free

There’s too many voices sayin’ what I need,
please just let me go at my own speed. 
I don’t need nobody to tell me who to be, 
ready to sting, I am young and free.
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Tokyo Babylon OVA (1992) // Subaru Sumeragi Character Setting

Artist: Laura Mvula
Album: Sing To The Moon
Song: That's Alright
Plays: 5,947

That’s Alright - Laura Mvula

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