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Rise of the Guardians Release Challenge | Day 5 - Sandman

This was the photoset I was most looking forward to making (even though working on it reminded me why I never make GIFs). Honestly there are days where it feels like I’m going to see this movie only to see Sandy’s adorable badassery and nothing else. Though my character bias I know I can blame on some heavy nostalgia. See, when I was a little kid, I used to watch this show called Nilus the Sandman and even though it wasn’t that good and chances are I didn’t even like it that much, it’s stuck in my memories all these years and was the only thing that ever told me about the character of the sandman when I was a child. For awhile I began to think I’d imagined the show because I could find no mention of it on the internet— it was only within this past week I finally found out its title again. So when I saw that first trailer and saw that the Sandman was a main character, it reminded of being a little kid again, and over these past few months I’ve been rather single-minded about finding stuff for him. I’m ridiculously excited about how he’ll be in the next novel!

Drawings by Joe Moshier, Takao Noguchi, and William Joyce.